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Spring Cleaning? Include Your Insurance Policies!

With spring on the horizon, you’re probably getting ready for spring cleaning and all home projects that were paused during the winter months. But have you considered cleaning up your current insurance policies as well? Several studies show that a majority of homes are currently undervalued, with around 2 out of 3 homes not having [...]

Preparing Your Home For Spring

As much of the country recovers from the harsh effects of winter, it is a must to inspect your home for any possible damage and plan on needed repairs, remodels and maintenance tasks. Winter can be especially damaging to residential properties and these tips can help you find out if your home was damaged and [...]

Top Risks That Homeowners Should Prepare For

Many homeowners worry over the potential dangers both in and around their home, but many of these risks can be easily prepared for. A partner insurance company recently looked into their claims data and found several facts behind the common causes of homeowners’ claims – some conclusions may surprise you! While there are risks which [...]