As much of the country recovers from the harsh effects of winter, it is a must to inspect your home for any possible damage and plan on needed repairs, remodels and maintenance tasks. Winter can be especially damaging to residential properties and these tips can help you find out if your home was damaged and how to make sure it’s ready for spring:

  • Check your roof for warped, loose or missing shingles and ensure that the seals of your skylight and your chimney flashing are in good condition.
  • Inspect your home for leaks. Common leaks can be difficult to spot, so look for them in crawl spaces, attics, and washing machine hoses. Once you look into these areas, check under sinks for possible leaks due to frozen pipes, and look out for signs of corrosion in your water heater.
  • Clean your downspouts and gutters from debris and see if they are still securely attached. Gutters that are blocked or not attached properly can lead to water damaging your trim.
  • Check if the siding if some pieces have loosened due to snowstorms.
  • Clear underground and exterior drains from leaves and other dirt to make way for upcoming spring rain and prevent blockages.
  • Examine window and door seals to make sure the exterior caulking is still intact and watertight.
  • Touch up paint on your home’s exterior to increase protection against the elements and improve its appearance as well.
  • Patch cracks found in your steps, sidewalks and driveways to stop it from expanding further, and to keep water out.
  • Examine your yard’s grading, making sure that it slows away from the foundation of your home so excess moisture won’t be an issue.
  • Get a professional technician to inspect your home’s HVAC system to make sure everything’s running smoothly and ready for the time when heating makes way for air conditioning. It’s also the best time to replace HVAC filters.

Do your best to conduct a home inspection and have repairs attended to as soon as possible. Waiting can make matters worse, so it’s best to plan ahead and find out which repair and renovation projects you should prioritize for the year.